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The advancement and development of medical research have led Worldplas to develop and surpass themselves in order to respond to the expansion of the medical equipment market.
WORLDPLAS has an expertise that meets the requirements but also the precision of the medical market components.
Our goal is to share our knowhow and to provide a relentless work in the manufacture of highprecision instruments for the benefit of health.
Therefore, the company bisontine designs and develops comprehensive and comprehensive solutions for components of the medical sector, thanks:
  • Its strong reactivity,
  • To its large experience in injection, over moulding, trimming, assembly, esthetic finishing,
  • To its cutting-edge equipment,
  • To its organisation and constant aim for innovation
some examples of our achievements:
Sterilisation apparatus;
Surgical instruments: femoral, dental, ocular RAPPs;
Precision instruments;
Preoperative accessories. For more information download our product sheet
For more information  DOWNLOAD OUR PRODUCT SHEE