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It’s up to WORLDPLAS to carry out all the molds needed to carry out your part production

The R&D team accompanies you throughout your project to maximize each of them.
WORLDPLAS puts at your disposal means of design and industrialization at the forefront of technology. Our teams are constantly trained in technological developments and ensure compliance with the new standards of the different sectors.
In order to ensure an innovative aptitude, technical tests are carried out by our professionals.
Worldplas is a company sensitive to evolutions, which is why the company participates actively in the development, and the research project of the region BourgogneFrancheComté, within the cluster of Microtechniques and its Aeroμtech.
With technological solutions for the control and the entire manufacturing process, we also have a research laboratory for the characterization of materials, and a laboratory of metrology under controlled atmosphere.
The systematic implementation of the process control by camera guarantees the required quality level. In partnership with our customers, we conduct risk analysis, all tests and preseries. Then we control and qualify the entire manufacturing process.
  • Optimization
  • reliability
  • make repetitive with the level of logistic quality
  • upstream and downstream
  • flexibility
The flexibility in managing your supplies thanks to a large storage area, recoverable packaging management.