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Trade and specificities

Our sector

With 22 years of experience, WORLDPLAS accompanies you in your strategic design reflections, and initiates your innovative and collaborative projects.
Our willingness is to be at the forefront of technology and to offer the best value for money to our customers. Our proven concept offers you reliable design methods, as well as exclusive services in the health, aeronautics, transportation and luxury sectors.
Our knowhow will be passed on to you, and our team will support you from the design until the production starts.
Every day is a new challenge for WORLDPLAS, our goal is to offer our customers the most compliant solutions to the specifications and this as soon as possible.
Our material and human resources allow us to be responsive to the demands, which allows a mastery of the various processes of industrialization and manufacturing.

WORLDPLAS is specialised in the design and production of complex units and sub-units of injection, over moulding, or bi-injection thermoplastic parts.
WORLDPLAS also commercialise its own range of products destined to electrical sheets and lamp supports.
WORLDPLAS carries out with its project team, according to your specifications, the plan that will best suit your needs: functional, technical, financial, quality and time management aspects are all meticulously considered.

Why choose Worldplas

  • Our human assets are at the base to our reactivity and flexibility.
  • Our efficient high tech equipment is used in injection, over moulding, trimming, automated robotised assembly, laser marking and decoration applications.
  • Our global know-how is available to provide the best propositions
  • Our organisation’s quality for project structures are adapted
  • Our project managers’ commitment to constant innovation
  • Our capacity to manufacture in low-cost countries

Our ambition

WORLDPLAS constantly takes up new challenges and clients benefit from:

  • product reliability improvement,
  • part cost reduction,
  • existing market protection, as well as innovating in new ones,
  • to constantly improve their part’s design,
  • to make possible function integration

Our commitment

Providing our know-how is our commitment and we therefore aim at assisting
our clients in:

  • their project definition, design and elaboration of technical parts
  • and benefiting from the latest technological breakthroughs while controlling costs.